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Pacific Imaging Center Boosts Patient Convenience at PSI Go to Pacific Imaging Center Boosts Patient Convenience at PSI

When Pacific Surgical Institute opened its doors in 2006, Longview Orthopedic Associates, Longview Urology, and Longview Physical & Sports Therapy relocated their clinics to the new facility on 9th Avenue. Pacific Imaging Center, which is owned by LOA, was one of two new ventures to occupy the state-of-the-art building.

“The goal in having our own imaging capability was to improve efficiency for both patients and physicians,” said MRI Manager Jack Berry, who has been with PIC since day-one.

MRI’s performed at PIC are immediately sent upstairs to LOA physicians. The staff at Longview Physical & Sports Therapy is also able to quickly receive and review images and reports. “If questions about patient care arise, we can very easily share information,” Berry said.

Elderly patients and those from out of town especially benefit from having multiple services at a single location. “They can see the ortho doc in the a.m., come downstairs for an MRI after their appointment, and schedule surgery or physical therapy all in the same day,” Berry said.

PIC faces stiff competition from Peace Health and other local outpatient imaging facilities but has endured and has grown beyond initial expectations. PIC was performing approximately 60 scans per month in 2006; it now does more than 200 per month.

Berry attributes this success to increased hours of service and having the most up-to-date MRI system in the county. PIC has also benefitted from a contract with Kaiser to serve its local patients.

“Our goal has been the same since the start,” he said. “We want to deliver service that is above the bar. This includes providing the best exam possible; reporting to physicians with fast, accurate results; and always remembering that the patient is the most important part of a very complex puzzle.”

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PIC Is Definitely Worth the Drive Go to PIC Is Definitely Worth the Drive

Why would someone drive from Bellingham to Longview for an MRI? Because the cost-savings and quality care at Pacific Imaging Center are outstanding.

Cherish Yost was a self-paying patient in need of a brain MRI. She contacted several other MRI facilities but the prices were exorbitant.

“I found PIC through We Care Medical Mall online,” Yost said. “I was shocked to learn that the cost of an MRI at Pacific Imaging was about one-tenth of what others would have charged.”

In addition to the cost-savings, Yost was impressed with the professionalism and compassionate care she received at PIC.

“The PIC staff took the time to interact with me as a fellow human, not a cow being herded through a chute,” she said. “Their system was smooth and efficient. Their smiles, questions, and quiet and gentle demeanor made it clear they cared for me as a person.”

Yost received a CD with her images immediately after her MRI. The radiologist’s written report arrived promptly, and she had everything she needed for an appointment with her neurologist.

“It was definitely worth the drive to PIC from Bellingham,” Yost said. “I’ve already recommended Pacific Imaging to a friend and will continue to spread the word.”

Call 360.501.344 for additional information.

Bellingham resident Cherish Yost

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PSI Blood Drive Sets New Mark Go to PSI Blood Drive Sets New Mark

Last week’s blood drive at Pacific Surgical Institute was a huge success. Event coordinator Nancy Bjorkman (photo below) had set a goal of 18 units, but the drive generated 28!.

Donors included employees from Longview Orthopedic Associates, Longview Physical & Sports Therapy, and Pacific Surgical Institute, as well as many members of the local community.

Pacific Surgical Institute is proud to partner with the American Red Cross to save lives. Planning for the next blood drive in September is already underway. Stay tuned for details.

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Pacific Imaging Center Goes the Extra Mile for Courtney Edwards Go to Pacific Imaging Center Goes the Extra Mile for Courtney Edwards

Courtney Edwards, who was 17 at the time, began suffering muscle weakness throughout her body in 2007 that has left her virtually paralyzed. Several doctors attempted to diagnose the problem but were unable to come up with a definitive cause.

Courtney’s doctor was willing to try a new approach to diagnosing the problem, and Courtney and her mother, Susan, were directed to Pacific Imaging Center in Longview. They found Jack Berry, Director of Imaging Services at PIC, to be very helpful.

“Jack and PIC were willing to go the extra mile for us,” Susan Edwards said. “Their cooperation was instrumental.”

Previous MRIs had not detected a problem, but things were different this time. The process involved stabilizing Courtney’s neck in a tipped “flexion” position with her head tipped toward her chest. The scan revealed a cervical spinal compression that would not have been visible on a normal MRI.

“It was a matter of thinking outside the box,” Berry said. “After reviewing the research material regarding this type of procedure, I concluded we could accomplishment what was needed by using the new positioning procedure.”

Susan Edwards said that PIC is one of only a handful of imaging facilities in the U.S. willing to offer this type of MRI.

Courtney is now consulting with a neurosurgeon on the East Coast. The family is hopeful that pinpointing the cause of will result in an effective treatment regimen.

“We would never have had this diagnosis if Jack had not been willing to do what others were not,” said Susan Edwards. “We are very appreciative.”

Call PIC at 360.501.3444 for additional information.



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Skagit County Resident Gives High Marks to Pacific Imaging Center Go to Skagit County Resident Gives High Marks to Pacific Imaging Center

It might seem unusual for a resident of Skagit County to make a three-hour drive for an MRI, but Mary C-F will tell you it was definitely worth it.

Mary was referred for a brain MRI, but with no insurance coverage, the expense seemed insurmountable. One bid came in at $4,000 for the MRI.  Another was much lower but did not include the radiologist’s report. A friend gave her the phone number for We Care Medical Mall. When Mary called, she was asked which state she lived in.  She was then given the phone number for Pacific Imaging Center at Pacific Surgical Institute in Longview.

Mary made the call, and when she heard the price, she was astounded. And that price included the radiologist’s report.

“Apparently, Washington State has only one facility that I’m aware of that is able to offer brain MRIs with and without contrast at such a substantial savings,” she said.

While cost was a factor in her decision, Mary said the entire experience at Pacific Imaging Center was positive. Office assistant Nancy Stone helped guide Mary through the process and was able to schedule an appointment in short order. “Nancy was very personable, glad to help, and asked pertinent questions,” Mary said.

When she arrived in Longview for her appointment, Mary was immediately impressed with the facility and the PIC staff. “The building looks new. It’s clean and well-maintained. Director of Imaging Services Jack Berry (RT) and Sheila Eubanks (RT) handled my MRI. They were both friendly and professional. I was also surprised by how quickly the radiologist’s report was completed and returned to my neurologist.”

In addition, she was given a CD containing the images from her MRI before she left PIC.  Her neurologist received the radiologists’ report before noon the following day. Whether you have insurance coverage or not, and regardless of the type of MRI you need, Pacific Imaging Center guarantees competitive pricing, professional service, and cutting-edge technology.

Call PIC at 360.501.3444 for additional information. It might just be worth the drive.

Jack Berry, Director of Imaging Services


Sheila Eubanks, PIC Radiologic Technologist


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PIC Upgrades MRI Capabilities Go to PIC Upgrades MRI Capabilities

Pacific Imaging Center completed a significant upgrade to its MRI scanner during the first half of October. The result is increased gradient strength and resolution equal to or greater than that provided by any MRI scanner in the Tri-County area.

“The obvious difference is that we will now have the ability to perform an increased number of complex vascular studies,” said Jack Berry, Director of Imaging Services at PIC.

The upgrade added 16-channel capabilities with higher contrast ranges to PIC’s scanner. The benefit to patients and physicians will be scans with greater resolution, which translates into more precise and accurate assessments.

“Every physician I’ve talked with is excited about the upgrade,” said Berry, who spoke with area healthcare providers in advance to educate them about the changes. “They’re also happy just to have us back in operation.

Pacific Imaging Center is located at 625 9th Avenue at Pacific Surgical Institute. PIC accepts all insurance carriers, including Kaiser. Call 360.501.3444 for more information.





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PSI Featured at Fibre Federal Health & Wellness Fair Go to PSI Featured at Fibre Federal Health & Wellness Fair

Pacific Surgical Institute was well-represented at the Fibre Federal Credit Union Health & Wellness Fair at the Cowlitz County Regional Conference Center on October 14th.

Longview Orthopedic Associates, Longview Urology, MPower Men’s Health Services, and Pacific Imaging Center were among the health care providers with booths stocked with information to share with Fibre Federal employees.

In addition to answering questions and supplying information, PSI tenants also raffled gift baskets and gift certificates.

Barb Sudar, office manager at Longview Urology, was pleased with the results. “This was a great opportunity for us to connect with Fibre employees and let them know about the outstanding services available at Pacific Surgical Institute.”

Fibre Federal employees took advantage of the opportunity to pick up information from area health care providersFibre Federal employees took advantage of the opportunity to pick up information from area health care providers


Nancy Stone of Pacific Imaging CenterNancy Stone of Pacific Imaging Center


Danette Traver of Longview Urology chats with a Fibre Federal employeeDanette Traver of Longview Urology chats with a Fibre Federal employee


Janelle Johnson of Longview Orthopedic AssociatesJanelle Johnson of Longview Orthopedic Associates




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National MRI Safety Week Observed at Pacific Imaging Center Go to National MRI Safety Week Observed at Pacific Imaging Center

By Jack Berry, RT (ARRT) (MR) (CT) (R)

In just about every other imaging modality telltale sounds are emitted by the machine whenever it is on. MRI – while one of the safest imaging modalities – is in a class of its own because it is always on.

In recognition of National MRI Safety Week – from July 22 to July 28 – I’d like to share with you some information about the invisible hazards of MRI.

While there are several types of imaging magnets used to produce MRIs, 98 percent of them are “super conducting magnets.” Once turned on and ramped up, the magnetic field will remain present.

The noises common in MRI are produced while “pulsing” (pushing) radio frequencies into the magnet. This is done only after careful safety screening and proper placement and positioning of the patient on the MRI table. Then the exam begins.

When you schedule your appointment at Pacific Imaging Center, complete the paperwork at the time of your appointment, and again before entering the MRI scan room, you will be asked the same safety questions. This is not meant to annoy you. When it comes to your safety, it is essential that we do our very best to make your MRI exam a safe and productive medical imaging experience.

Family members and friends cannot be allowed in the room where the MRI is being conducted unless they have been questioned and cleared as if they are patients undergoing an exam. Remember – the machine is always on, which means the magnetic field is present through the examination room.

My favorite way to demonstrate to patients the unseen high magnetic field that is always “ON” is to walk slowly into the room while securely holding a choker chain.

In the video below, the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is proven true.

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Local High Jumper Comes Back Strong After ACL Surgeries Go to Local High Jumper Comes Back Strong After ACL Surgeries

Ross VanZanten saved the best for last.

The 2008 Mark Morris graduate recently completed his track and field career at Washington State University. In January, he recorded a personal best by clearing 6’ 9 7/8” in the high jump and bettered that in May with a leap of 6’ 11” during a meet at the University of Idaho.

Mark Morris grad Ross

Mark Morris grad Ross VanZanten

Mark Morris grad Ross VanZanten

VanZanten’s performance is especially remarkable because it followed two significant ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgeries.

“I tore up my left knee during basketball my freshman year in high school and the right one while running the hurdles as a junior.”

VanZanten had broken the Mark Morris high jump record by clearing 6’ 8 ¼” in 2007, but was unable to compete at district or state because of the injury to his right knee. He bounced back to win the state high jump title his senior year.

In both instances, VanZanten was treated by Dr. Bruce Blackstone of Longview Orthopedic Associates. And in both instances, he was able to return to peak performance following successful surgery.

“I never had any problems with either of my knees after Dr. Blackstone worked on them,” VanZanten said. “I was especially happy that he decided to use hamstring grafts because I felt like that would have the least effect on my jumping.”

VanZanten was also impressed with Blackstone’s approach. “He was definitely aware of the athlete’s perspective and was focused on getting me back to where I could perform at a very high level.”

Blackstone said that VanZanten’s situation is an excellent example of the convenient and comprehensive services available at Pacific Surgical Institute. “Ross was able to receive his orthopedic care (Longview Orthopedic Associates), his MRI (Pacific Imaging Center), and his physical therapy (Longview Physical & Sports Therapy) at the same location.”

Click here to watch a video of ACL reconstruction narrated by Dr. Blackstone.

Blackstone graduated from R.A. Long High School and Stanford University before earning his medical degree at the University of Washington. He returned to Longview in 1983 to found Longview Orthopedic Associates. In 2007, he was one of the first 500 doctors in the U.S. to receive sub-specialty certification in sports medicine from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

VanZanten in action

VanZanten in action

Bruce Blackstone, MD, of Longview Orthopedic Associates

Bruce Blackstone, MD, of Longview Orthopedic Associates



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Blood Drive Surpasses Goal Go to Blood Drive Surpasses Goal

A blood drive hosted by Pacific Surgical Institute on November 2 netted excellent results.

Event organizer Nancy Stone of Pacific Imaging Center said that 26 units were collected, one more than the goal she had set. For eight of the people who gave blood, this was their first donation.

Donors included staff members from Longview Orthopedic Associates, Flourish Skin & Laser, Longview Urology, Pacific Imaging Center, and Longview Physical & Sports Therapy. Stone said several patients as wells as friends or family members who had brought patients to PSI also donated.

“I am so pleased with the turnout and very impressed with everyone’s willingness to help others,” she said.

“Once the need in Cowlitz County and Southwest Washington was taken care of, the remainder of the donations were shipped to the east coast to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

The next PSI blood drive is slated for late winter or early spring.

American Red Cross Bloodmobile at Pacific Surgical Institute

Posted in News | November 20th, 2012
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