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Winiger Participates in Fourth Hood-to-Coast arrow Winiger Participates in Fourth Hood-to-Coast

Physical Therapist Nichole Winiger of Longview Physical & Sports ran three legs at the recent Hood-to-Coast Relay. It was her fourth consecutive HTC and her second year as team captain.

Hood-to-Coast – which starts at Mount Hood and terminates at Seaside – is the world’s largest relay race with more than 12,000 runners and an additional 4,000 walkers completing the Portland-to-Coast portion. HTC has reached its limit for participants on the first day of registration each of the past 16 years.

Most teams include 12 runners, with each handling three legs. Winiger’s legs were 5.7, 6, and 5.8 miles, as she rang up a total of 17.5. The team completed the 197-mile route in 31 hours and 15 minutes.

“I didn’t do much training for Hood-to-Coast beyond my typical running routine, which is seven miles with hills on weekends and three to four mile runs on several weekdays,” she said.

“The only hiccup at HTC was that they added about 200 teams and that meant quite a few more vans. This led to traffic congestion, which caused ODOT to close the road for several hours. As a result, we were able to sleep for only an hour instead of three or four. It made our last legs more challenging.”

Nichole has participated in several similar races, including the Wild Rogue Relay and the Kentucky Bourbon Relay. She will be running with a team at the Tuna Run in North Carolina in October.


Nichole Winiger of Longview Physical & Sports Therapy, second from left



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