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Retirement Keeps Dave Knoeppel Busy arrow Retirement Keeps Dave Knoeppel Busy

If you know Dave Knoeppel, it won’t surprise you to learn that he’s been very busy since retiring from Longview Physical & Sports Therapy in February.

After nearly four decades of service as a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, and clinic consultant, Dave has shifted his focus but is still going full-speed-ahead.

His list of recent home projects is long – limbing, weed-eating, post-hole digging, fence-building, painting, pressure washing, and mordave010e.

He has assisted with vacation bible school at his church, joined the church bell choir, volunteered to help with clean-up and lawn maintenance at a church on the coast, officiated at three weddings, and made two trips to the Midwest to visit family. He is planning to write a book, tentatively titled The Reluctant Pet Owner.

Dave recently began his 17th years as a volunteer for Castle Rock High School athletics. His medical coverage has become an invaluable part of the Rocket sports programs.

“I really enjoy working with the athletes, parents, and coaches,” he said. “It helps me maintain my skills, allows me to be close to activities I enjoy, and keeps me young.”

Now that he’s retired, Dave especially appreciates the chance to spend more time with his wife, Wendy. “Through the years, she has allowed me large amounts of time away from home to pursue work and to volunteer at Castle Rock High School,” he said. “I’m enjoying more time with her while still pursuing an active lifestyle.”

The transition to retired life has come with a few bumps. “I was always passionate about my work and enjoyed the opportunity to help patients and build relationships with clients and co-workers,” he said. “And Bruce (Peterson) was a great business partner. I miss those things. I also miss ‘Oldies Thursdays.’”

We hope your retirement continues to bring you peace and joy, Dave. You’ve earned it.

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