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Dave Knoeppel Announces His Retirement arrow Dave Knoeppel Announces His Retirement

Dave Knoeppel, co-owner of Longview Physical & Sports Therapy, will retire on February 6th after nearly four decades as a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, and clinic consultant.

Dave graduated from the University of Kansas in 1973 and later completed masters programs at the University of Arizona and the University of Indianapolis. He worked for HealthSouth, Providence Sports Medicine Clinic, Sunnyvale Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Center, and Community Hospital Center for Sports Medicine before partnering with Bruce Peterson to form Longview Physical & Sports Therapy in 2004.

Dave Knoeppel of Longview Physical & Sports Therapy

Dave Knoeppel of Longview Physical & Sports Therapy

Knoeppel’s skill and experience gave him opportunities to work as an athletic trainer at high-profile events, including the Pan-American Games Track and Field Trials, the Goodwill Games, the Pizza Hut Basketball classic, and the National AAU Track and Field Championships. He is well-known for his many year of service as an athletic trainer for Castle Rock High School sports teams.

Peterson said that he and Knoeppel were a perfect combination. “Dave had expertise as an athletic trainer and physical therapist who specialized in the extremities and could work well with athletes, while I specialized in manual therapy and the spine.”

Peterson praised Knoeppel for his ability to bring a little bit of everything to the business. “He was detail oriented, extremely well-organized, and always customer-focused.”

Knoeppel said he plans to remain active as an athletic trainer for Castle Rock High School and may also fill in occasionally at LPST.

Physical therapist John Kowalski, who has been with the practice since 2009, became a co-owner in July 2013. He brings a strong accounting background that Peterson said will be helpful in dealing with ever-changing health care regulations.

Kowalski, Nichole Winiger, and Suzanne Gerhart are studying for the orthopedic specialization test in March. “This is a clinical specialization that requires years of practice and formal testing,” Peterson said. “It’s a big deal because it would give us four OCS certified therapists in the clinic and that is very rare.”

LPST is located at 625 9th Avenue at Pacific Surgical Institute.






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